Are You Obsessed?

Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.
– Russell Warren

Two months ago one of my close family members died after a long-fought battle with cancer. I didn’t train the day of his funeral because I wanted to be with the family. But I did go to the gym 3x that week, hit a PR on Squats, and trained 4x every single week after his funeral. I also worked during all that time.

You can misinterpret that as me being a cold, insensitive bastard who didn’t care about him. But I just know how easily 1 missed workout turns into 2 and how “I’m taking a week off” becomes a month off. Half a year later you’re looking at your fat body in the mirror wondering how the heck that happened.

Consistency, discipline, dedication. That’s what it takes to become successful at anything. And that’s also the answer to how I went from not being able to do a single Push-up to Deadlifting 500lb, gaining 44lb body-weight, losing my belly fat and man boobs, building a business that makes 6 figures a year, etc

It’s because I know that consistency is key to success, that it takes so much to derail me. It’s also where my philosophy of sticking to your plan and going to the gym whatever happens comes from. Sure some people will call you extreme for lifting when sick, tired, sore, injured or not in the mood. But they are even MORE extreme by skipping workouts for just about anything, like silly colds.

Easier for the lazy, undisciplined ones to call you “obsessed” than to do better. Easier for them to stay at home, watch TV, and eat pie while you’re hitting the weights in the cold. Easier for us to explain where our success comes from.

Don’t kid yourself, you got to break eggs to make an omelet.

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