To Guys Who Think That Arnold Got Big with Steroids

I’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, not just for what he has done as a strength trainer first and as a bodybuilder later, but also for what he has done as a successful entrepreneur (direct mail marketing and real estate) well before he became the Terminator and now the Governator.

That said, it always amuses me when someone claims that “Arnold just got big using steroids”. Steroids 50 years ago were nothing compared to what they are today. Compare Arnold to today’s champion, Ronnie Coleman…

Ronnie Coleman 305lb vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger 235lb
Ronnie Coleman 305lb vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger 235lb

Both guys could Deadlift over 700lbs, both guys are “genetic freaks”, both guys won the Mr Olympia competition several times. Yet Ronnie competed at 305lbs (at 5’11”) while Arnold was only 235lbs (at 6’2″). Why the 70lbs difference?

The answer is steroids. Arnold Schwarzenegger did use steroids, but in much smaller doses than today and only 2 months per year. That’s why he was 70lbs lighter. Fact is, you could never become like Coleman without drugs, no matter how hard you train (but who would want to look like that anyway?)

Anyone who dismisses Arnold’s achievements because he used steroids is nuts. Do you really believe that a guy who became successful as a powerlifter, bodybuilder, entrepreneur, actor and now politician … who did all of that from scratch … who started as a 15y old 150lbs skinny guy … who had a lousy german accent as bad as my french one … who became a millionaire by his 30s…

Do you really believe that a guy like this got big “just using steroids”?

And I’m NOT saying that he didn’t use steroids. But you don’t get to a 710lbs Deadlift by sitting in your couch all day, no matter how much steroids you use.

Yet this is the world that we live in today. If a guy accomplishes extraordinary results, many people will be quick to tarnish his success by claiming that he must have cheated – it must be genetics, it must be talent, it must be steroids.

OR maybe … it’s just good old fashioned HARD WORK.

There’s a certain mindset that Arnold Schwarzenegger has, a mindset that you should diligently be looking for, a mindset that I ought you to develop, a mindset that is revealed in quotes like these:

The mind is the only limit. As long as the mind can envision something, you can do it.

Arnold got big because he thought that way.

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