Consistency & Momentum Are The Keys to Success

Chances are you never heard of Steve Justa. He has trained for 20 years and has done crazy things like Quarter Deadlifts with 2000lbs, Quarter Squats with 800lbs for 2000 reps or walking 2 miles wearing a 200lbs weighted vest.

You can always learn a lot from someone who has trained for 20 years and who succeeded at increasing his strength to a significant level. The following quote comes from his book “Rock Iron Steel: The Book of Strength“.

Remember, consistency and momentum are the keys to success in the world of super strength. As it is in any pursuit, aim high with your goals and keep chipping away at the rock. Think of every workout you go through as a little chip off a big rock, and when you get that rock whittled down to nothing, you’ll know you’ve been someplace. In the art of super strength, you must think in terms of years, not months or days. And have fun along the way. Don’t get upset or discouraged if you fail to move a certain weight a certain number of reps. The main thing to think about is what you can do. Don’t worry about what you can’t do.

Persistence Is Key to Success. Whatever it is you want. Nothing can stop you if you put your mind into something and work on it systematically until you get it. Persistence will deal with any setback that comes your way.

  • How many people do you know who never set goals? They’re doing the same exercises, lifting the same weights for years without progressing. And then they wonder why they’re bored or why they don’t see results.
  • How many people set those big goals that they never achieve instead of setting mini-goals that bring them closer to their big goals?
  • How many people think strength training, building muscle, losing fat or anything else in life that demands an effort from their part, is a sprint rather than a marathon?
  • How many people get pissed because they had another bad workout instead of focusing on the fact that they went to the gym although they were sick, tired or didn’t feel like going to the gym in the first place.
  • How many people don’t get what strength training is really about: that getting your Squat up to 1.5x your body-weight & beyond demands persistence, sacrifice and much more from your part. And that the place it brings you, is a place of increased self-confidence and self-knowing.

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