Is Diet More Important Than Training for Fat Loss?

Last Friday I proved you that training was more important than diet for building lean muscle using one of the worst dieters ever – Olympic goldmedalist Michael Phelps. I ended that post by asking you how come this guy is ripped even though he eats junk food all day. What is his secret?

Michael Phelps has an estimated body fat of 8%. Obviously, his diet is not his secret because he eats junk all day. So it must be his training. Well once you know Phelps spends 4-6h per day in the pool 6 times per week, everything becomes clear. Michael Phelps is a fat furnace: he burns everything he eats.

You see the same thing with cyclists like Lance Armstrong, 7x winner of the Tour De France. Cyclists are reputed to eat 8-10,000kcal/day mainly from white pasta and sugar drinks. And yet, they’re 140lbs skinny and have single digits body fat percentages. Same secret: they’re on their bike 6-8h/day during the Tour De France, speeding at 40km/h on average. They also burn everything.

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

This is the same reason why these guys are muscular, but lack mass: you can’t gain weight when you burn so many calories every day. Cyclists are usually only 140lbs. Even Phelps weighs only 195lbs at 6’4″. In contrast, several of my SL Members who are +6′ tall weigh at least 225lbs (like James and Don).

So what do you think is is most important for fat loss: diet or training? Post your answer in the blog comments below, you’ll get my answer tomorrow.

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