8 Common GOMAD Mistakes You Must Avoid

GOMAD is a proven way to gain weight fast and naturally. You can easily gain 25lbs weight your 1st month. But only if you apply GOMAD as laid out. Here are 8 common GOMAD mistakes you must avoid.

1. Not Drinking GOMAD.
GOMAD stands for Gallon of Milk A Day. You won’t gain 25lbs in 25 days if you only drink 1/2 or 1/4 gallon of whole milk a day. For best results, you need 1 gallon whole milk a day on top of your food intake.

If you’re really skinny and struggle to get your food in, then you can build up to 1 gallon a day by starting with 1/2 or 1/4 gallon a day. Realize though that this weight gain approach is slower. Switch to GOMAD asap.

2. Not Drinking GOMAD Consistently.
GOMAD doesn’t work if you drink 1 gallon of whole milk 3 days out of 7. GOMAD also doesn’t work if you drink 1 gallon of whole milk on your training days only.

It’s what you’ve done at the end of the day, month, year that matters. Buy 7 gallons of whole milk each week. Drink 1 gallon a day, every day, until you’ve reached your goal weight. Consistency is key if you want GOMAD to work.

3. Not Drinking Whole Milk.
You won’t prevent fat gains by drinking fat free or skimmed or half-skimmed milk. It’s the carb content in milk that causes fat gains by spiking insulin. Drink whole milk.

  • Calories. Half-skimmed/skimmed/low fat milk makes you lose 400/800/1000kcal per day. You’ll have to make up the difference in food, which will be hard since milk already fills your stomach.
  • Saturated Fat. Whole milk tastes better since it’s rich in saturated fats. These increase your testosterone levels (muscle building hormones).

4. Not Drinking Milk.
Every now & then, someone on the forum comes up with an alternative to GOMAD. Thinking it will be better than the approach that has been around since years. Some alternatives that won’t work:

  • Soy Milk. Less calories and potentially dangerous when taken in excess “” as in 1 gallon per day. Read the whole soy story.
  • Peanut Butter. Solid food is harder to eat than liquid. Peanut butter also contains no saturated fats for testosterone levels.
  • Weight Gainers. Full of sugars which will make you gain fat. Also more expensive than whole milk. Read this post.

It’s not just about the calories. The combo protein, saturated fat & carbs is key to GOMAD. You only get this by drinking full fat whole milk.

5. Caring About Fat Gains.
Because you want to gain weight without gaining fat. Or because you’re skinny, used to be fat and now fear getting fat again.

People who want to gain weight without gaining fat usually get nowhere. Gain weight first. The added strength & muscle mass will make it easier to lose fat afterwards.





6. Whining.
Bloating, diarrhea, acne, sleepiness, … Yes GOMAD has side-effects. This isn’t meant to be easy. Focus on the positive: your weight gain. You won’t be doing GOMAD for more than 1-2 months and it gets easier every day.

7. Not Eating On Top of GOMAD
. GOMAD accounts for 2400kcal. You won’t gain weight if you drink GOMAD without eating on top of it.

  • Eat Breakfast. Gets you calories from the first hour and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Build the habit of eating breakfast.
  • Eat Every 3 Hours. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout, pre-bed and 2 snacks. Prepare your food in advance so you don’t miss meals.
  • Use Fitday. You’re skinny because you don’t eat enough but think you do. Track everything using fitday or myfitnesspal. Aim for at least 5000kcal/day.

8. Not Squatting
. If you don’t Squat, you’re not training. No matter what you’re excuse is. GOMAD works best when you combine it with Squats. Lots of Squats and heavy Squats. These give your body the stimulus to build muscle.

If you don’t know where to start: check StrongLifts 5×5. It takes 3x45mins per week. Make sure you’re not missing workouts. GOMAD without lifting will make you gain fat, especially belly fat.

Most importantly: stop making excuses. You don’t have money: find money or earn more. You tried GOMAD 1 day and it was hard: persist, it gets easier each day. You can’t do it: others have done it before, so can you.

The only thing that really prevents you to get where you want, is you. Stop making excuses, follow GOMAD as laid out and make it happen.

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