GOMAD: Gain 25lb in 25 Days with Milk & Squats

GOMAD stands for a gallon of milk a day.

It’s a simple weight gain diet for skinny guys who struggle to eat a lot.

Just drink a gallon of whole milk a day on top of eating three meals day and lifting heavy.

That extra milk adds about 2400 calories and 120g of protein.

GOMAD therefore makes it easier to reach a caloric surplus to gain weight.

It has helped the most stubborn hardgainers and ectomorphs gain up to 25lb in only 25 days.

If you’re skinny, under-weight and can’t gain weight no matter, you may want to try GOMAD.

Why Milk?

Milk contains about 8g of protein per cup.

The milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey.

That protein helps for muscle recovery and muscle building.

Milk is also a liquid, and liquid calories digest faster than solid meals.

So milk makes it easier to get more calories in so you reach a caloric surplus and gain weight.

Milk is 87% water and contains about 90mg calcium and 107mg sodium per cup.

Milk therefore replenishes fluid and electrolytes lost from sweating during your workouts.

This also improves muscle recovery and prevents headaches from dehydration.

So you don’t need to buy expensive sports drinks like gatorade.

Milk has natural electrolytes, which saves you money.

Milk has everything a weight lifter needs to get stronger.

The cow has always been the weight lifter’s best friend.

It provides us with protein for building muscle (steaks and milk) and leather for lifting heavy (weight lifting belts, shoes).

Why a Gallon of Milk?

One gallon of whole milk contains about 2400kcal from 120g protein, 200g carbs and 120g fat.

Most guys need around 2500 to 2800 calories a day to maintain their body weight.

So you can get almost all your maintenance calories from drinking a gallon of whole milk a day.

Eat three small meals a day (500 calories each) plus a gallon of whole milk, and you have almost 4000 calories.

That’s a caloric surplus without eating 6 meals a day or 4 bigger meals that skinny guys don’t have the appetite for yet.

Plus milk is easy: it’s portable, and requires no cooking.

And a gallon of whole milk gives you about 120g of protein.

You need about 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight for optimal muscle building when lifting heavy weights.

So a gallon of whole milk covers your base protein requirements for the day.

You need don’t need to drink extra protein shakes.

Bottom line, GOMAD is a simple and effective way to get a lots of calories and protein with minimal work.

Is GOMAD Right for You?

GOMAD is for guys who have always been skinny.

Guys who can’t gain weight, no matter what, even though “they eat a lot”.

Guys who think they’re skinny because of their genetics or metabolism.

The typical case is a 1m80 20y old guy who only weighs 55kg.

With GOMAD we can easily create a caloric surplus to gain weight.

That quick weight gain finally makes you realize you were under eating.

We achieve that without adding cooking chores, or forcing big meals you have no appetite for yet.

So GOMAD is NOT for people who have a normal body weight already.

It’s NOT for people who are over-weight or obese.

It’s only for under-weight guys who are new to lifting, and who want to finally achieve a normal body weight.

If you’re a guy over 30 years old or a female, GOMAD is definitely NOT for you.

How Much to Eat on GOMAD?

The average guy needs 2500 to 2800 calories a day to maintain his body weight.

Skinny guys usually eat less – they skip breakfast, eat a bagel at noon, then nothing until dinner.

They barely get 2000 calories a day.

That’s why they can eat everything they want without gaining weight.

On GOMAD, a skinny guy can continue to eat his two meals a day.

GOMAD will add 2400kcal and increase his total daily calorie intake close to 4000kcal.

This is guaranteed to make a skinny guy gain weight quickly.

For the first time in his life, you’ll believe you’re not doomed to be skinny.

You don’t have to change much about you diet yet.

Just add a gallon of whole milk on top of whatever you’re eating now.

One quarter at breakfast, one quarter at lunch, one quarter in the afternoon, one quarter post-workout/at dinner.

Get used to drinking a gallon of whole milk a day for a week or two.

Then get used to eating three meals a day – consistently.

500kcal/meal is fine as that still gives you 4000kcal/day with the whole milk.

That means a small breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t all the fat from GOMAD make me fat?

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Excess calories do.

The proper question is therefore – won’t all those calories make me fat?

It’s a common mistake for skinny guys to want to build muscle without gaining fat.

The problem is that this is a hard thing to do.

To gain weight you need to eat more, to lose fat you need to eat less.

So most guys trying to gain without without getting fat end up eating too little to gain weight.

That causes frustration and will make you lose motivation.

Remember building muscle is harder than losing fat.

You can only gain 2lb/muscle per month .

But you can easily lose 4lb of fat a week.

All that takes is eating 500kcal/day less.

So focus on gaining weight and muscle now.

You can easily lose the fat later.

Do I have to drink a gallon of milk a day?

No. You can start with a quarter of a gallon of whole milk to add about 600kcal to your daily intake.

But GOMAD is for skinny, under-weight guys who have never been able to gain weight.

The goal is to kick-start the weight gain to make you realize the issue is not your metabolism or genetics but your calorie intake that was insufficient.

You want to go full GOMAD to kick-start the weight gain.

Can I do GOMAD with soy milk?

No. Large amounts of soy milk can lower your testosterone levels and cause erectile dysfunction.

Moderate consumption of soy may be okay, but not a gallon a day.

If you insist on soy milk, stick to a liter a day max.

You’ll need to eat more though to make up for the lack of calories.

So it’s simpler to gain weight with cow milk.

Can I drink low fat or skimmed milk to avoid fat gains?

Again, fat doesn’t make you fat. Excess calories do.

A gallon of skimmed/low-fat milk makes you lose 800-1000kcal/a day.

That means you have to eat about 1500 calories a day more to get to the same 4000kcal/day you get with whole milk.

But you still have to drink a gallon of fluid a day.

That’s not smart.

If you want to reduce your caloric intake from drinking whole milk, then drink half a gallon.

That halves the caloric intake from 2400kcal to 1200kcal.

And you’ll only drink two liters of fluid a day.

But you’ll have to eat more to mak eup for the calorie difference.

Simpler is to just drink whole milk.

It tastes better than skimmed/low-fat milk thanks to the fat content.

Do I have to drink GOMAD every day?

Yes. It’s your average caloric intake for the week, month and year that matters for gaining weight.

Not how many calories you get in a day.

If you get 4000 calories today but only 1500 calories the rest of the week, you’re not going to gain weight.

Your weekly average is only 1857kcal/day.

That’s below maintenance.

You need to consistently eat a caloric surplus to gain weight.

What about drinking GOMAD on workout days only?

No. As I just explained, it’s your weekly average caloric intake that matters to gain weight.

If your caloric intake is above maintenance on some days but below maintenance on other days, you will not gain weight.

You need to have consistent caloric surplus.

Do I need to eat if I do GOMAD?

Yes. GOMAD is only 2400kcal/day.

The skinny, hardgainer, ectomorph types for who GOMAD is for typically can’t gain on 2400kcal/day.

They need to push it over 3000kcal at the minimum to start seeing weight increases.

That means you’re going to have to eat real food as well.

Do I have to lift weights?

Yes. The goal is for the excess calories to be used for muscle building.

Not to be stored as fat.

So lift heavy weights three times a week to stimulate your body to build muscle.

Heavy Squats and Deadlifts.

Check StrongLifts 5×5.

Why not just drink mass gainer shakes?

Because most of them are full of sugars and other crap.

You’re better of mixing whey protein and oats if you don’t want to drink milk.

Can I do GOMAD with chocolate milk?

Chocolate Milk has more calories than regular milk.

But those extra calories come from the extra sugar content that makes it tastier.

Eating tons of artificial sugar is bad for you.

Milk chocolate is also more expensive, contains less protein, and tends to constipate.

You’re better off making your own chocolate milk by adding a scoop of chocolate whey to your milk.

Can I do GOMAD with coconut milk?

No. A gallon of coconut milk a day would be almost 7000 calories.

That’s too much.

Plus most of the calories in coconut milk come from saturated fats.

Coconut milk has 10x more fat than dairy milk.

But it only has half the protein.

You could drink less coconut milk to get the same amount of caloric intake.

But you’re still trading protein for 10x more fat.

And your stomach will not enjoy drinking high quantities of coconut milk.

Stick with cow milk.

Is drinking so much milk good for the body?

GOMAD IS definitely an aggressive approach.

But it’s what skinny guys who have never been able to gain weight need.

We want you to stop blaming your genetics and metabolism.

We want you to start realizing it’s just a matter of calories.

We can do that within a month if you drink a gallon of milk a day.

Do you think staying skinny, frail and weak is good for your body?

We’re not talking about drinking a gallon of vodka a day.

It’s just milk.

Will all the weight gain from GOMAD be fat?

No. Most of your weight gain will be muscle – 60% muscle, 40% fat.

That is if you lift heavy weights three times a week.

You can easily lose the fat later since it’s easier than building muscle.

Keep in mind that there’s no weight gain method that allows you to gain muscle without getting fat.

Even if you follow a more conservative approach where you only eat 10-15% extra calories per day (as explained here)

You will always gain about a pound of fat for every pound of muscle you gain (and increase your body-fat by about 1% per month).

Most guys can’t gain pure muscle weight without gaining some fat.

And if you worry about fat gains, you’re not the skinny guy GOMAD is far anyway.

Ectomorph and hardgainers have little fat in the first place.

They’re all bones.

They’ll look better even if they gain a little fat.

Will I lose the weight gained if I stop GOMAD?

Not if you continue to eat more calories than your body burns.

GOMAD adds 2400kcal/day which you will lose when you stop drinking the milk.

Most guys need about 2500-2800kcal/day to maintain their body weight.

So you’ll have to increase your meal size from 500kcal to 1000 per meal at a minimum.

Then you’ll probably need to add an extra 500kcal snack to continue gaining weight.

Can I just do half or quarter GOMAD instead?

That would halve/quarter your daily calorie and protein intake.

This may be okay for people who are not that skinny and concerned about fat gains.

But for the hardgainer ectomorph who has never been able to gain weight, it’s better to go full GOMAD to get quick weight gain.

Should I drink pasteurized, UHT or raw milk?

The processing method doesn’t matter for gaining weight.

The point is to create a caloric surplus.

Whole milk makes that easier because it has more calories.

The processing method doesn’t matter as long as you’re drinking whole milk.

What if I’m lactose intolerant?

You could take lactaid pills so you don’t get cramps, gas and diarrhea.

Lactose intolerant people lack the lactase enzyme to break down lactose in milk.

That’s what causes bloating and nausea.

You could drink lactaid milk which is free of lactase.

But lactaid pills are cheaper.

Most people need about 16 pills per gallon of milk.

Will GOMAD cause acne?

Could be from the increase in testosterone from lifting, and the increased dairy intake.

Not much you can do about it.

You’re not going to do GOMAD your whole life

Just a few weeks to get that weight gain kicked off.

Suck it up in the meanwhile.

How long should I do GOMAD?

One month is usually enough.gu

Just to kick in the weight gain so you see that your metabolism and genetics aren’t the issue.

And to increase your appetite with is usually low with skinny guys.

What if I struggle to drink all that milk?

You can take a progressive approach like with StrongLifts 5×5.

Start with half a gallon of milk a day the first week.

Add a quarter a day in week two.

Then go full gallon in week three.

This gives your stomach time to adapt.

Make sure you spread your calorie intake as much as possible (wake up earlier to maximize your eating window).

How do I keep the milk cold when I carry it everywhere?

Buy a thermos.

Fill it with cold water for 5mins.

Then drain it and fill it with milk.

If you drink one quarter in the morning, and one quarter when you get back from school/work, you only need to take one quarter with you.

The last quarter you drink in the evening.

Is GOMAD better than steroids?

No. Steroids of course work better than GOMAD.

It’s a lot easier to build muscle without gaining fat if you use steroids.

But most guys don’t want to take steroids as they have complicated side-effects.

Plus taking steroids early on doesn’t teach skinny guys to eat, train, and think right.

GOMAD will teach you to think right.

It will who show you that your metabolism and genetics aren’t the reason you’re skinny.

Your low, daily caloric intake is.

Do I need to get 5000kcal/day?

No. That would cause unnecessary fat gains.

You can only gain about 2lb of muscle per month on average.

That is if you lift heavy, eat enough calories, and get your protein.

Eating more calories than necessary won’t make you build muscle faster.

Nothing will (except taking steroids, which I advise you not to).

Getting 10-15% calories above maintenance is usually enough for weight gain.

The average skinny guy who eats two meals a day will get almost 4000kcal/day with GOMAD.

That’s already enough calories to gain weight.

You don’t need to stuff yourself with food.

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