How Many Calories Do You Need per Day?

Yesterday I posted that many guys struggle with fat loss because they rely on calorie calculators that only take their body-weight into account.

Today I want to give you the powerful formula that I successfully use with my private clients to estimate their TEE. Here’s the Formula…

  • Sedentary: 10kcal/lb
  • Light training: 15kcal/lb
  • Heavy training: 20kcal/lb

So if you’re 200lb, just started StrongLifts 5×5 and the weights are still light, you need 3000kcal/day. But if you’ve been doing SL5x5 3x/week for a few months, weights are heavier and you’re starting to stall, then you need 4000kcal/day (food is critical for optimal recovery and strength gains).

Remember these are ESTIMATES. Your TEE fluctuates daily based on body-weight, body fat, food choice, etc. There is no way you can accurately predict your maintenance caloric needs. Use my formula only as a guideline and adapt your caloric intake based on your goals & progress.

One popular calorie calculator recommended around 3200kal/day for a 200lbs guy. That will work if you just start SL5x5, but I assure you it won’t be enough when the weights get heavier – you’ll stall on your Squats.

Note that this same calculator claimed I was “over-weight” because I have a 25BMI at 165lbs. Nuts. I got visible abs year-through as you can see here.

Online calorie calculators are made for, and only work for, average people. You do StrongLifts 5×5 3x/week you’re anything but average.

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