Nutrition for Strength Training and Lifting Weights

The best diet is the one you can stick to.

You don’t have to stop eating carbs or fats. You don’t have to eat crazy amount of proteins. You don’t have to eat every 3 hours.

You just have to control your calorie intake. You can do this by counting calories directly. Or you can do this by building simple eating habits.

You’ve probably heard that lifestyles beat diets long-term. That’s actually the original meaning of the word diet – “a way to live” (from the Greek word “diaita”)

So the StrongLifts diet advice is to focus on building simple eating habits you can stick to long-term.

You don’t need any supplements to get stronger and build muscle. You can get results without taking supplements. Most supplements don’t even work anyway, so you’re better off without. I barely take supplements for this reason.

If you’re a young, skinny, ectomorph, hardgainer who struggles to gain weight, liquid calories can help you get more calories in. Check this: