Why 97% of Calorie Calculators Fail

Last Friday I posted that the amount of calories your body burns (your TEE) is the sum of 5 crucial components. Once you determine this number, you can easily lose fat by simply eating less calories than your TEE.

Today I want to talk about calorie calculators. I’ve said before that losing fat is simple maths. Well many guys struggle to lose fat because their numbers are wrong to start with. Calorie calculators are a big reason for that…

  • Too many factors influence your TEE
  • There’s no way you can ACCURATELY calculate your TEE
  • Even if you could, your TEE fluctuates based on exercise, food choice, etc

As an example, consider 2 guys who both weigh 200lbs.

  • Guy 1 doesn’t exercise, hardly eats protein, and is 50y old
  • Guy 2 does SL5x5 3x/week, follows the SL Diet, and is in his late 20s

The 2nd guy obviously has a higher TEE because he’s younger, exercises, and eats more protein. But you won’t see any of that if you use those calorie calculators that only take your body-weight into account.

Tomorrow you’ll get a powerful formula to determine how many calories you need per day. Stay tuned.

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