11 Guys Raving About Their Success with StrongLifts 5×5

Just some of the success stories posted on the StrongLifts Facebook Fan page during the past weeks. I can unfortunately not include all of them, there are just too many guys gaining strength and muscle while losing fat, hard for me to keep up with every single success stories on StrongLifts 5×5.

Alexandre Mihailescu after Only 4 months of StrongLifts 5x5
Alexandre Mihailescu after only 4 months of StrongLifts 5x5

Alexandre Mihailescu
from Larchmont, New York

I am your typical “hardgainer” with long limbs/short torso. However after 4 months on stronglifts, I have gone from 137lbs 8%bf to 153lbs 8%bf, squats have gone from 75lbs to 265lbs, deadlifts from 150lbs to 330lbs, and bench from 65lbs to 180lbs. I have also gone from doing 4 bodyweight dips to doing 8 dips with an additional 60lbs, and doing 3 bodyweight pullups to doing 6 pullups with an additional 20lbs. All the guys in my dorm want to work out with me now (I’m 19 and in college), and I often get stares at the gym when I do the heavy compounds haha. Thank you Mehdi, you’re the best!

(Sean Warren asked: “you sound similar to me man, im 160 punds.. but pre tall 6 ft 2…. man I hope i see similar results :) how longg did you do it for? 3 months? 4 months?”)

It’s been a bit over 4 months now. Unlike you I’m pretty short (only 5’9″). Stick to it, you’ll definitely get results :D I also did GOMAD for almost 2 months, and it was great, it really helped pack on the weight.

Charles Cain from Algonquin, Illinois

Gotta give props to SL5x5. I had been doing 3×10 split routines for a couple years and had plateaued for SIX MONTHS when I decided to try out SL5x5 back in December. I had a 1RM deadlift of 315 at the time. Set a PR today at 405 and had some left in the tank. A little gravy, I dropped from 205lbs to 190 over the past two months (I’m 6’3″). Feels good to have hope again.

Increased my 1×5 deadlifts by 30lbs just by switching to bare feet. I think my brain was interpreting the wobble from my cross trainers as instability in my back and I was afraid of hurting myself. Medhi said don’t deadlift and squat with the wrong shoes, and now I know why! Though I must admit the squats are pissing me off. Didn’t realize how weak I really am when I go all the way down. :-P

Vaughan Jones

Me and Neil Porter have completed our 12 weeks SL 5 x 5. We were going to switch to a different program… like Texas or something like that… but have decided to carry on until SL is unbearable. Speaking from my own experience, I have learned a great deal. Technique is king. Listening to your body is important. Working through tiredness and stiffness is essential. Pain is a warning shot across the bow but is simply that, a warning… run through technique again when anything starts to hurt. Eat well but concentrate on getting into good habits gym wise first, fat loss and muscle building are not 100% important in the first 12 weeks (although that will come naturally anyway… just don’t get hung up about it). [..]

Thursday 7th April 2011: Hit a 385lb deadlift PR. Awuga! 400lb is in my sights now. Been lifting for just over 3 months now on the SL program. Been adding a PR every now and then. I’m quite heavy (fat heavy that is) – I’m now 117kg (258lbs) but have lost 22kg since Dec 2010. I started the programme 300lbs and am now, 14 weeks later, 258lbs. Looking leaner for sure, muscle mass is good and everything fits better.

Rodrigo Melgar González

Yesterday I broke a personal record squatted 235x5x5 and deadlifted 315 ( faliled first attempt , then a partner told me ; its mental you did lift it , try again!! You’ll nail it, and i did ) all I can tell you Mehdi is thanks for helping me wake that beast in me which was sleeping for some time … From your daily posts to your book recommendations which I would like to recommend you all to read them (getting in arnold mind is a good trip) thanks, 500 is nearer now …

Keenan Maverick Genovese

Ive been on SL5x5 since Sept.2011 and so far have totaled 275×1 squat, 215×1 bench 110×1 OHP and 310×1 dead at 151lbs dry weight, and considering when i started i couldnt squat 135 its needless to say I’m quite impressed with the program. Medhi is the fuckin man

Daniel Schultheis from Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Ž2 months and just hit 215lbs squats today. My first day I lifted 135 on my last set. I was more concerned with technique when I started, but I hit a little wall at 195. I think it was more in my head than anything, however I started lifting barefoot and that feels a lot better.

Aidas Rasimas

I’ve tried 5×5 3 years ago, your website was just a baby boy back then :) had great strength gains in a period of 6 months.. But due to relocation to my native country, studies, other stuff I was just doing light workout now and then and some running..

But now I’m back to action.. I’m 175cm. tall and my body weight is 76kg. My stats – 5×5 squats – 135kg, 1×5 deadlift – 142,5kg., 5×5 benchpress 80kg. OHP – 5×5 60kg. In a period of 4 month I gained almost 8kg. I love this workout.. I usually get comments about my good squat form, people often ask me why i’m not wearing belt and why i’m doing my workout barefoot. :))

Chris Herrick from Cincinnati, Ohio

just hit 365 on squat, thanks Mehdi!

Sean Sheryl Rose Headrick

Finally, I’m squatting more than I can bench.

Andrew Lu from Shanghai, China

Hey everybody, just wanted to tell everybody I’ve done my 12 weeks from scratch, and just did 200 lbs 5×5 easy at 152 lbs BW. I only gained 5 lbs, but from when I couldn’t even do 5 sets of empty bar squats without feeling sore, I know that SL 5×5 works now!

Stephan Korsholm from Denmark

Just broke the 300 pound limited today! Squatted 301 pounds (137 kg) 5×5! Fantastic feeling for me, I never thought I would be able to do that :-) Started 1 1/2 years ago, and was plateaued on 115 kg for nearly 6 months! But now I’m making progress again! Happy lifting to all!!!

Or more proof that StrongLifts 5×5 works. Get serious and start StrongLifts 5×5 today if you haven’t yet, it will show you everything you need to know about the program) and then also post your success story on the StrongLifts Facebook Fan page 12 weeks from now.