The Secret to Unstoppable Motivation

I believe that the main reason why so much guys get caught into that muscle confusion nonsense is that they get bored. They get bored of their training program, and thus they think they need something new to keep it fun.

The erroneous thinking here is that training is supposed to always be fun.

I urge you to get that out of your head right now. Training is not always going to be fun. Consistency is key to success and that means training when you’re tired, sore, not in the mood, sick, heck even injured. None of that is fun.

Yet if you expect to always have fun and only go to the gym when you feel like it’s going to be fun, then I guarantee you – you won’t be showing up a lot.

In fact, it’s been my observation that the guys who train even when they’re tired, sore, sick – whatever – accomplish the most impressive gains.

As an example, consider StrongLifts Member Will aka “Sid” (23, NY USA). He gained 37lbs and increased his Squat by 410lbs (475lbs so far at 200lbs body-weight) in only 18 months. Pay attention to what he says…

The only thing I can attribute the fast strength gains to is desire and consistency. Aside from a 2 week vacation, I never missed a session on SL5x5/3×5. I trained when I was sick, and when I just felt like crap (and sometimes still hit PRs.) I slept 8 hrs almost every day. I ate when I needed to eat. While at first I was skeptical, once I saw my numbers going up, I started to take this very seriously.

Once he saw his numbers going up, he started taking this very seriously. This is the real secret to motivation: results – NOT fun.

When you are gaining muscle, when you are hitting PRs, when all your friends are starting to notice and complimenting you on your physique and strength, then you’ll be motivated to do whatever it takes. Training will sometimes be fun, and sometimes it won’t. But real, dramatic results will always be fun.

Many guys get bored of their training NOT because they’re not having fun. But because they’re not getting results. You do not need to switch to another program all the time, you just need to do one proven to deliver results.

Yes I’m shamelessly going to plug my StrongLifts 5×5 program because I truly believe it’s the most powerful training strategy you can do, and I have so far over 184 success stories to prove it. Try it for 12 weeks, it works.

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