What Do You Hate Most?

I wrote about the importance of waking up early for fast weight gain yesterday. Most successful people are early risers. Donald Trump wakes up at 5:30am, Tiger Woods wakes up at 6:30. It’s a foolproof method to get more done.

And yet, every time I introduce this idea to a guy who wakes up late and/or at a different time every day, I meet with resistance.

StrongLifts Platinum Member Tom used to woke up between 8am and noon when he first joined my coaching program. His wake up time depended on the time his shift started and the time he went to bed the night before.

The result: 35lbs under-weight.

By forcing Tom to track every single calorie he ate, day after day, I showed him the direct correlation between his daily caloric intake and his wake up time. So far, Tom has already gained 21lbs by just waking up at 7am ever day. It’s not rocket science, you get more calories in when you eat more than 3x/day.

But nobody likes waking up early. I sure hate it. Especially during the cold winter mornings here in Belgium. I’d rather stay in my warm bed. Heck, I’m my own boss, working from home, I can decide whenever I want to wake up.

And yet I wake up early, every weekday, no matter what. Why would I do that? Because I know from experience that it makes an incredible difference.

After coaching countless of guys, I’ve come with a powerful question that gets them moving towards the kind of lifestyle that will yield the muscle and strength gains they always wanted. I’ve used this question with Tom. It goes like this…

What do you hate most? Waking up early OR staying skinny, fat and weak?”

I know the answer.

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