Why Breakfast Is King (And Why It’s Not)

Yesterday I showed you that waking up early was crucial for losing fat. Today I want to talk about how eating breakfast benefits fat loss.

First why breakfast is not king – it doesn’t boost your metabolism. Here’s why: your metabolism does NOT slow down when sleeping (studies show it increases the first 36h fasting). Even the NY Times reported in March there’s no difference eating 3 or 6 meals. What if you want to skyrocket your metabolism? Exercise.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody has to stop eating breakfast. My StrongLifts Diet recommends it, and I have every single client eat breakfast and build the habit of eating breakfast if they aren’t doing it already.

Bill Philips, bestselling author of Body for life, repeatedly said that the secret to losing fat was eating breakfast. Now I do not agree with his isolation routines and supplements, but I will agree with this. The fact is that guys who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to eat healthy the rest of the day.

Rigid dieters don’t get that one meal doesn’t matter. Thus when they eat crap at breakfast, they think that they wrecked their diet and then really ruin it by eating junk the rest of the day with the mindset of “I’ll do it right tomorrow”.

Changing your habits is easier than changing your thinking. Thus the strategy of kicking off your day with a healthy breakfast that helps you achieving your goal. It sets the trend for the whole day, “I started great, I need to continue like this”.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal a powerful method to never skip breakfast again.

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