Deadlift: The Definitive Exercise Guide From StrongLifts

The Deadlift

The Deadlift: lift the weight from the floor to your hips while keeping your lower back neutral.

Deadlifts are a full-body, compound exercise. You Deadlift by lifting the weight from the floor to your hips. The Deadlift works your whole body including your legs, back, traps, arms and grip. Because Deadlifts work so many muscles, it’s the exercise you’ll lift the most weight on.

Deadlifting with bad form can cause back pain, knee pain and bloody shins. Deadlifting with good form strengthens your lower back and decreases the risk of injury when lifting in daily life. Deadlifting with good form also builds strength and muscle. The key is to Deadlift with a neutral lower back.

On StrongLifts 5×5 you Deadlift every workout B for one set of five reps after your warmup.

Deadlift Guides to Gain Strength and Muscle

Here are all the Deadlift guides on the StrongLifts website.

How to Deadlift with Proper Form: The Definitive Guide – the most thorough Deadlift technique guide on the entire internet. Covers everything you need to know from proper stance to how to grip the bar. With more than a dozen of pictures. Make sure you read this Deadlift guide if you’re doing StrongLifts 5×5. It will help you gain strength and build muscle without getting hurt.

7 Reasons Deadlift Hurt Your Lower Back – Deadlift don’t cause back pain. Deadlifts with bad form do. Here are the seven most common Deadlift mistakes that cause back pain during or after Deadlifts. Check if you’re making one of the mistakes in the pictures.

13 Deadlift Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Gym Newbie – common Deadlift mistakes in the gym. These cause injuries, plateau and make you look like a newbie. Avoid at all costs.

How to Increase Grip Strength For Deadlifts – use white knuckling, add chalk and use the mixed grip. Static holds are the best grip work. Don’t waste your time with grippers or use straps.

How to Remove Calluses from Lifting and Stop Tears – grip the bar low hand to reduce calluses. Shave your calluses off each week so your calluses don’t grow big and dirty. Don’t wear gloves.

Is Regripping Between Deadlift Reps Cheating? – you’ll Deadlift more weight if you keep your hands on the bar during reps. No need to stand up. If your grip fails, strengthen your grip.

Mixed Grip: When to use On Deadlifts and Why – use it on your heavy Deadlift sets only. One hand up, one down to increases grip strength. Mixed grip is safe, no need for hook grip.

How to Increase Your Deadlift – Deadlift more. The more you Deadlift, the better your form will be. The better your form, the more effective your technique. Technique is the key.

How to Stop Bloody Shin Scraping on Deadlifts – setup with the bar over your mid-foot. Don’t Squat your Deadlifts. Shinguards and all that are band-aid without proper form first.

How to Stop Knee Pain on Deadlifts – bend your hips first on the way down. Keep your knees out on the way up so you don’t twist your knee joint. Don’t Squat your Deadlifts.

1×5 Deadlifts vs. 5×5 Deadlifts Like on Squats – 5×5 Deadlift isn’t needed. You’re Squatting 5×5 3x/week. Your Deadlift will increase doing only 1×5. You don’t need more sets.

Deadlifting with Hex Plates vs Round Plates – Hex plates cause bad form, shin scraping, knee pain and back pain. Round plates are better. Reset if you must use hex plates.

Deadlifts aren’t Squats: Low vs. High Hips – low hips like on Squats is wrong. Your Deadlift should look like a half Squat. Proper hip position depends on your build.

Bouncing Deadlifts vs Pausing At The Bottom – pause your Deadlifts at the bottom. You’ll build strength from the floor without hurting your lower back. Don’t bounce.

Rounded Back Deadlifts vs Neutral Back – neutral back Deadlifts is safest. Most people can’t rounded back Deadlift like elite lifters do. If your back rounds, try the tips.

Deadlift Videos

How To Deadlift: Mehdi From StrongLifts Deadlifts 451lb (2.7x BW)

StrongLifts 5×5 Workout B: FULL Video (Official)

Deadlift Tip Sheet

The StrongLifts Deadlift Tip Sheet covers the most important tips to Deadlift with proper form. Print this one page document and take it with you to the gym so you can review these tips between sets. Proper Deadlift form is crucial for lifting without back pain. Click the link below to download my Deadlift tip sheet today…