Deadlift: The Definitive Exercise Guide From StrongLifts

The Deadlift

The Deadlift: lift the weight from the floor to your hips while keeping your lower back neutral.

Deadlifts are a full-body, compound exercise. You Deadlift by lifting the weight from the floor to your hips. The Deadlift works your whole body including your legs, back, traps, arms and grip . Because Deadlifts work so many muscles, it’s the exercise you’ll lift the most weight on.

Deadlifting with bad form by rounding or hyper-extending your lower spine can lead to lower back pain and injuries. Deadlifting with proper form strengthens your lower back, builds muscle mass, increases strength and reduces lower back injuries during daily activities.

On StrongLifts 5×5 you Deadlift every workout B for one set of five reps after your warmup.

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Deadlift Tip Sheet

The StrongLifts Deadlift Tip Sheet covers the most important tips to Deadlift with proper form. Print this one page document and take it with you to the gym so you can review these tips between sets. Proper Deadlift form is crucial for lifting without back pain. Click the link below to download my Deadlift tip sheet today…