How to Boost Your Flexibility with Resistance Bands

Iron Woody's Resistance Bands

Iron Woody mini, light & average resistance band.

Resistance bands are one piece of equipment every gym should have. I’ve been recommending resistance bands from Iron Woody for some time. Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Mobility & Activation Exercises. Shoulder dislocations, x-band walks, band pull-aparts, band tractions, … You can do all of them using a mini or light band.
  • Pull-ups & Chin-ups. If you can’t do a single rep, use a resistance band to assist you on the way up. Loop the band around your pullup bar and your knee. The band will help you from the bottom up. This is one of the easiest ways to get stronger at Pull-ups & Chin-ups. Video.
  • Push-ups. Wrap a resistance band across your back while holding it in your hands. Now push yourself up. The stronger the band, the harder push-ups become. This is an easier way to make Push-ups harder than wearing chains, a rucksack or Xvest. Watch the video.
  • Pulley Exercises. My home gym has no pulley system. So I use a mini band for exercises like Face Pulls. You can do most pulley exercises with bands: lat pulldowns, seated leg curls, seated rows, push downs, …

Where to Get Resistance Bands?
The 2 big companies selling resistance bands are Iron Woody & Jump Stretch Inc. I have bands from both companies. I prefer the Iron Woody’s because they’re stronger & cheaper.

Don’t waste your money on other companies selling resistance bands: they usually come with handles that prevent you to use them the way I explained above. Get the right resistance bands from the start.

Which Resistance Bands Should You Get?
Get a set of mini and light bands. If you’re a big guy doing assisted Pull-ups: use the 2 bands combined to get the same assistance as heavier bands at the same cost.

When you get stronger: use the light band only. Then the mini only. If you start with stronger bands, you’ll have to go to nothing or buy extra bands. Stick with mini & light bands and make sure you get the 41″ bands, not the short ones.

Iron Woody offers several band packages, here are the ones I recommend you:

  • Assisted Pull-up Package. If you’re only interested in bands to help you on pullups & chin-ups, get this assisted pullup package that includes 1 band instead of pairs. This saves you money.
  • Starter’s Package. For mobility work and activation exercises, I recommend you to get the starter’s package. It comes with 2 pairs of mini-bands, 2 pairs of super-mini’s and 2 pairs of small bands.

Click here to get resistance bands from Iron Woody.

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