Alcohol & Strength Training


It’s Saturday. Many of you will go out tonight & have a drink. One reader contacted me with a related question:

“I’m 5’6” at 196lbs. My goal is to get down to 165lbs while building muscle. I don’t have a systematic nutritional/strength training regimen yet. But I’m doing my best to turn everything around.

I just turned 21 and doing my best to avoid calories. I know alcohol is full of empty calories, but it’s tough avoiding my friends phone calls when everyone’s going out.

I’m sure the answer is to cut out alcohol all together, but is there a smarter alternative that you’re aware of? Guinness has been my drink of choice lately, and there are only 125 calories in 16oz.

Obviously strength training is my priority over drinking. I’ll stop alcohol if I have to. But I’d still appreciate your thoughts. I feel like the fat kid when everyone’s drinking beer and I order a diet coke.”

Benefits of Alcohol.
Next time you drink: ask yourself why.

  • You drink because you’re thirsty: water works.
  • It makes you more confident: you have a problem.
  • You drink because your friends do: you have a problem.

You don’t need to fill the expectations of others. So what if they see you as “the fat kid drinking diet coke”. It’s your life. Maybe they like their man boobs & beer belly. You obviously don’t. Do what gets you closer to your goals.

The Problem With Alcohol.
Some drawbacks of alcohol consumption.

  • Beer contains estrogen – female hormones.
  • Estrogen causes man boobs & beer belly.
  • Slows fat loss.
  • Contains empty calories.
  • Affects quality of sleep.
  • Dehydrates. Causing hangovers.
  • Bad for your liver.

What I do.
I rarely drink on weekdays. Week-ends I have my share of drinks. I never drink to get drunk. I drink because I like the taste. Especially wine when dining out. I don’t drink beer. Only wine & sugar alcohols.

Sometimes I go out & won’t drink during the whole night. Sometimes I’ll drink water when dining out. Drinking alcohol is not a habit neither a necessity.

My friends know I drink a lot of water & respect my choices. People who don’t know me are often surprised when I tell them water will do. “You’re ill?” “We have plenty of other drinks you know”

Like I wrote above: it’s my life. I do what I want. The idea of drinking alcohol because others do is a lack of individualism to me.

My Advice.
Drink alcohol once or twice a week & have fun. Get back into your healthy habits the day after. Plenty of water & food. Watch out if it alcohol becomes a daily habit. Focus on your goals & health.

Day Afters.
Drink plenty of water before sleeping & on getting up. Alcohol dehydrates, causing hangovers. Force yourself to drink & eat.

I sometimes train the day after. As long as they didn’t have to drag you home the night before you can do it. Drink, eat & get your mind over it. Not the best condition to train in, but certainly builds character.

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