Do You Listen To Your Body?

I sure hope you don’t.

Because my body routinely tells me NOT to go to the gym, but to stay at home and be a couch-potato like all the other guys. And I’m willing to bet the biggest waffle in Belgium that your body often doesn’t feel very motivated to lift either.

Many guys misinterpret this lack of motivation as if there was something wrong with them. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU AT ALL! The fact is that most top athletes, celebrities and even my most accomplished StrongLifts Members often don’t feel motivated to go to the gym at all. This is NORMAL.

Similarly, a lot of guys wrongly believe they should only go to the gym if “fresh.” So they skip workouts whenever they had a busy week at work, stayed up late, didn’t sleep much, feel lethargic, are sore or just have a headache.

But how many times did you not have a BAD workout on a GREAT day?

That should have given you a clue there. Few guys will ever realize this, but feeling great doesn’t mean you’ll also have a great workout, just like feeling bad doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad one. More than once I’ve hit PRs after warming up with my legs still sore, some random joint hurting and only 5h of sleep.

But if you act like a big baby and stay at home every single time you got a little bobo or just feel tired, you’ll never discover that even though you may feel like a truck just hit you, the physical strength is almost always there.

Coach John Broz said it best, I quote, “How You Feel Is A Lie!”

This whole listen-to-your-body BS is feel good woo-woo from people who don’t know a thing about how to be consistent at anything in life and who don’t grasp that consistency is THE key to success. Because it’s not that missed workout that is the problem, it’s that it often becomes two, then one week off turns into three, and before you know you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, looking at your fat gut in the mirror 6 months later wondering how the heck that happened.

Listen, if you just had a car crash and you have a bone sticking out of your arm, be smart and drive to the hospital instead of the gym. But unless you need ER, stick to your plan, suck it up and train. Knees hurt? Just Bench, Pull-up. Shoulder hurts? Do Deadlifts. Sore? The fastest way to eliminate soreness is ironically to train the sore muscle again. Tired? You can always lift the empty bar.

The problem is that most guys never even try and, as a result, never realize what they’re truly capable of. But if you stop listening to your body and start giving it at least a try whenever you don’t feel like lifting, you’ll be amazed how often the mere act of going to the gym will boost your motivation.

And once you start doing what you need to do to get where you want to be with your life, no matter how you feel on that day, that’s when you’re really going to get ahead of every single other person around you.

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